My God and family are everything to me. I met my soul mate on a blind date the weekend before Labor Day, 1977. He proposed October 21, 1977, and we married January 21, 1978. Later our sons were born, and my life has been devoted to my family ever since. We now share our lives with 4 rescued animals—a parrot, and, sometimes our grand-dog (a 9 year old yellow Labrador retriever.)

My education and background are in Music. I never seriously considered painting. I have Lupus, and have been ill for a number of years. During a trip to New Orleans for a short respite, I found a painting of a cello. The asking price was $850. We couldn’t afford to buy it. But I studied that painting and many paintings and began to see each in terms of light values, dimensions, but most importantly the importance of light values. I realize now it is a gift from God. Moving the paint, I find my brush and hands actually sculpting with the paint. I feel an intimate connection.