My family is everything to me. I met my soul mate on a blind date the weekend before Labor Day, 1977, he proposed October 21, 1977, and we married January 21, 1978. Then, 5 and 9 years later, our sons came and my life has been devoted to those 3 guys ever since. My sons married wonderful young women and our family is blessed beyond anything I ever thought possible. We now live with 5 rescued animals, a parrot, and, sometimes, our grand-dog, a 3-year old yellow Labrador retriever.

I never seriously considered painting. I sketched a little, but that was it. I first started painting when after a trip to New Orleans we found a piece of art for $850 and couldn't afford to buy it. I studied that painting for a good while and started seeing it in terms of values of light. Eureka! I saw values, dimensions and the importance of light. It was a "yoo haa" moment. And I realize it was actually a gift from God. Moving the paint, or actually sculpting with the paint, felt very natural then and now.

Life, like paint, is waiting to be expressed by someone who can know it. I hope that is me.